Class Ring: Ways to place my order?
A: In school, online (www.balfour.com), or in our store located in Greenbrier of Chesapeake. Your school will establish order dates for Balfour representatives to take ring orders in your school during lunches. Please contact your local sales office at 757/420-2233 for your school’s exact order dates. A $60.00 deposit is required to place an order.
Class Ring: How long will it take to receive my class ring?
A: If you are placing an order to be received along with the rest of your junior class, then the date for your junior ring dance/ceremony/delivery will be determined by your school.  If you are ordering a class ring as a senior or graduate, it will take approximately 8 weeks to complete your order.
Class Ring: What are my different payment options?
*NOTE: Checks are not accepted within two weeks of the ring delivery.

A: Cash, check, debit/credit, or money order.

When placing an order, you can use any of the payment options listed above. You also have the option to pay-in-full, pay only the deposit of $60.00, or pay using the installment plan (total is broken up into 4 monthly payments).

When is my full balance due? 

Ring balances are due by the date written on the bottom of your order form (approximately two weeks prior to the school’s delivery event).
Class Ring: When is my full balance due?
Ring balances are due by the date written on the bottom of your order form approximately two weeks prior to the school’s delivery event).
Caps & Gowns: Ways to place my order?
A: Online (easiest way) at www.balfourva.com during in-school order dates/or over the phone ($2.00 service charge applied)
Caps & Gowns: What is the deadline for placing my order?
FEBRUARY 16TH! A late fee will be assessed to cap and gown orders placed after February 16th
$5.00 Late Fee – February 17th – April 1st
$10.00 Late Fee – April 2nd – June 1st
$15.00 Late Fee – June 2nd - Graduation
Caps & Gowns: When are the caps & gowns delivered?
A: Caps and gowns are delivered to the students at the school between April and May (depending on the exact date designated by your school).
Caps & Gowns: How should my gown fit?
A: The cap is one-size-fits-all. The gowns are tailored within specific height RANGES. E.g. If your student is 5’7”, we have a gown ranging from 5’6”-5’8”. The gown should fall along the calves, anywhere from two inches above the ankle to two inches below the knee.
Caps & Gowns: What if I’m graduating with honors?
A: If your school distinguishes its honor graduates by having them wear a stole (sash), then we will have them for sale at the cap and gown delivery for either $13.00 or $15.00 depending on the style used. We are unable to sell the stoles any earlier than the delivery date because we must use the honors list given to us at the time of delivery after final grades are determined.